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Regardless the size of your organization, you and your employees face threats daily. Our approach focuses on your industry and can give your the employees the knowledge they need to be know what dangers are lurking out there. Our training modules can be broken into several differing elements, or we can conduct hands-on workshops.

We also have training modules designed to for IT professionals. The modules are specifically designed for technology departments that do not have a dedicated security function.

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Social Media: Social media can be very helpful in marketing efforts and when management needs to announce significant events. However there is also risk associcated with social media. This module focuses on understanding the goals and objectives of social media and mitigating the risks. This module also includes what is appropriate and what is not.

Executive Awareness: Executives are often overlooked from a training standpoint. However, with the increase in spear-phishing Executives are a primary target for social engineering attempts. Not only the Executives, but their administrative assistants are especially vulnerable. This module gives Executives awareness on these types of attacks and trains them on how to spot them.

Cloud Providers More and more organizations are moving toward the cloud to conduct business. This offers the organization nimble and flexible options when it comes to expanding services or replacing aging infrastructure. However, there are risks. Every cloud provider is different, and the organization must be prepared to to answer for the third-parties it contracts with. This module will give you basic knowledge in obtaining assurance, contract terms, and liability.

Social Engineering We have all seen the emails from someone claiming to have money for us. All we need to do is provide our account and routing numbers to get the large some of cash. What we all have NOT seen is the more sophisticated versions that look so real you may fall for it. From spoofed phone calls to badge forgery, attackers are getting more sophisticated in these attacks. This module will teach you on how to spot and avoid social engineering.

Portable Devices Mobile phones, tablets, thumb-drives, laptops are one of the biggest data risks faced by organizations today. These devices are getting more compact and able to store more and more data. This module focuses on how to protect yourself from the risks of loss and theft of these devices.

Basic Hacking Techniques This module is designed primarily for the technology professionals. This module teaches basic hacking techniques used by attackers so that the technician understands how his environment may be infiltrated. This module also includes hands on experiments on a vulnerable environment that we have set up. At Sentinel, we believe this information sharing makes us all stronger.