Vulnerability Scanning

Our scans are done with defense in mind

Material Weaknesses Mitigated

Vulnerability scans is a specialty area of Sentinel. Our scans are conducted by experienced and certified professionals who possess the highest caliber technical capability as well as business savvy.

This blend allows us to understand that our client’s security requirements must be considered within the context of, and be appropriate to, the business and regulatory environment in which our clients operate. Although the environments we are testing may be vastly different, our process assures our clients of a sound, methodical approach to every engagement. With this service we focus on one or more areas of the client’s digital presence. Our approach is to work from the client’s perimeter to the secure internal environment.

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Our Process starts with discovery of all devices that can be seen from the outside world. We then deploy our tools against those devices in an effort to determine if there are vulnerabilities in those devices. But we do not stop there. We also look for unneeded services that hackers could exploit.

After we have completed our scanning, we will analyze the data and scrub for any outliers and/or false-positives. You will then recieve and actionable report that will allow your technology team to quickly remediate any significant vulnerabilities. Our process also includes a follow-up scan just to ensure the fixes were applied.