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Sentinel Centurion

Centurion was developed out of a need to bring our clients an affordable solution for Network Security Monitoring (NSM). We developed this solution by listening to our clients and taking into consideration their budgetary constraints.

The Centurion is a signature based intrusion detection system (IDS) based on Suricata rulesets. It sees all traffic on your network and alerts you to suspicious activity. With a powerful UI, Centurion also gives you the ability to correlate security events across your network.

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We are excited to announce a partnership with KnowBe4. tKnowBe4 is the world's most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Join our more than 10,000 customers to manage the continuing problem of social engineering.

KnowBe4's Enterprise Awareness Training Program provides you with a comprehensive new- school approach that integrates baseline testing using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks to build a more resilient and secure organization.

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The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) has been in force since 2000. But in the intervening years, the network environment at K-12 schools has only grown more complex. More students are using school-supplied laptops and tablets at home. Students and staff are increasingly bringing smartphones to school and connecting them to their schools’ Wi-Fi networks. More schools are moving from paper-based to computerized testing. And the growing sophistication of hackers is putting more confidential student data at risk..

Schools need a cybersecurity solution that maintains CIPA compliance and protects sensitive data in these complex environments – without incurring excessive costs or requiring more administrative resources.

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CloudLock, Inc

Sentinel is pleased to be in partnership with the premier Cloud Data Security firm in CloudLock. CloudLock provides clients a way to manage their confidential and sensitive data in the cloud.

CloudLock gives you the visibility and control you need to protect sensitive data in your public cloud applications, allowing for fast detection and response to risks such as oversharing, inadvertent exposure, malicious data extraction and cyberthreats.

CloudLock offers a suite of powerful and integrated solutions presented in a single unified cloud data security dashboard that covers major SaaS applications. Our responsive, flexible, and risk-appropriate approach to security is built on the CloudLock Policy Engine, and enables you to confidently adopt public cloud solutions such as Google Apps and Salesforce

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Carbon Black

53% of breaches do not use malware. Streaming prevention goes beyond machine learning AV to stop all types of attacks before they compromise your system.

The Cb Predictive Security Cloud is Carbon Black’s consolidated endpoint security platform, delivering an extensible collection of innovative security services through the cloud. It applies big data analytics across all endpoints, not just those on a single, local network, to make predictions about — and provide protection from — current, future and unknown attacks .

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Why We Partner

As we speak to technology professionals about cyber-security, they also tell us about other concerns they are facing.

If there is an item that Sentinel is not qualified to provide, then we search out partner organizataions that can.

Our Partners

We take great care to only choose partners that have our client’s best interest in mind and can follow through on their commitments.

Our clients come first and we have vetted our partners so you can be assured that they will offer superior services.