K-12 Education

School districts are not immune to cyber-attack or information disclosure

The truth is that according to insecpro.com, there are approximately 556 million victims per year, over 1.5 million victims per day, more than 232 million identities exposed, and as many as 120,000 Botnets infected “zombie” computers to send out spam each day.

In the past few months, numerous school districts have made headlines for cyber security exposures in one form or another.

Cyber security measures are a little more difficult in the educational setting. One of the main principles in education is the exchange of ideas and information and as more information migrates into a digital form, school districts have to find the right balance between securing their information infrastructure and making information available to the school community.

We Are Your On-Demand Information Security Team

From Compliance to Governance and From Risk Assessment to Penetration Testing, We Have You Covered

We have extensive experience with regards to FERPA, HIPAA, CIPA and other regulations. We can review your network and give you assurance that the data entrusted to your care is adequately and reasonably protected. We can also dig deeper and give you an overall assessment about how that data is accessed and help you craft policies and controls to prevent data leakage.

Students in today's cyber-landscape have a grasp and the mental agility to almost inherently understand how the internet works. A recent study found that over 50% of the hacks that occur are only motivated by one thing; to see if they can do it. If your ISD has been the victim of a Denial of Service and/or you suspect hacking, give us a call.

While cyber security may seem like it should be the technology department responsibility, the key to great security is to enlist the help of all departments and have them become your allies in keeping your organization safe. We can help you engage in creating that culture.