Individual Services

Serving our community and serving you, we have you covered for whatever mishaps befall you.

Somedays it just feels like the world is out to get us. It is especially frustrating when your computer goes down in the middle of that big project. Or it takes 10 minutes after booting up before you can work on your machine.

Data on computers is not ever completely lost. We can get it back for you in most cases. We can also troubleshoot your computer and home network to ensure that you and your family or adequately protected.

There is a ton of viruses traversing the web. We can eradicate them if they are on your machine and get up to speed with the lastest in virus protection.

We Make House Calls

From Data Recovery to Virus Eradication to Safe Home Networking, We Are Here to Help

When your data is lost we can find it. Most of the time laptops and home machines may have parts that run their course and die. That doesn't mean the data on the machine can't be recovered. Sentinel can restore most data in most cases. We utilize the same techniques to recover that data as we do in our forensic cases.

Things hapen. You can forget your password to your desktop or laptop or it's been changed without your knowledge. We have tools that will allow us to get you back into your machine.

Viruses, trojans, worms, root-kits are increasing in number and complexity. If you get infected let us help. We will isolate the malware and kill it. But we don't stop there, we believe it is important to understand what the malware was doing and who it was communicating with. We analyze the malware let you know what data, if any may have been scavanged by the malware.