Local Government

Regardless of the size of the municipality or county, you are a target for attackers.

Last July, a hacker broke into Yellowstone County, Mont.’s website, prompting the county to disable the site. In September 2011, two men with alleged ties to the online activist group Anonymous were indicted for hacking into Santa Cruz County, Calif., computers in December 2010, causing the county website to go offline. And last November, the Gregg County, Texas, Tax Office was hacked by the Zeus Trojan, which uses a keystroke logging scheme to steal information. In that incident, bank routing numbers were hijacked to redirect $200,000 into a foreign bank account.

Local governments are easy targets for hackers because they lack funding to protect their infrastructure. In many cases, security funding is made available only after a breach occurs.

We Are Your On-Demand Information Security Team

Let Us Take A Look At Your Network Before the Attackers Do.

We have the experience and credentials to conduct threat assessments. These assessments will not only give you visibility into what vulnerabilities you may have, but we will also give you recommendations to enhance any security weaknesses. We can review your network and give you assurance that the data entrusted to your care is adequately and reasonably protected. We can also dig deeper and give you an overall assessment about how that data is accessed and help you craft policies and controls to prevent data leakage.

On-site training for the employees of local and county government can also reduce risk. By understanding data types and threats to that data, we can enhance your security posture simply by informing your employees about they types of risks they encounter daily. The training modules can be made to fit any schedule.

Do not wait until your systems are compromised to find out there is a risk. We can conduct a complete security review and provide recommendations to enhance your security measures. We can also help you engage in learning more about cyber liability insurance and its benefits, as well as security measures to ask outside vendors.