Digital Forensics

It is not about what you know but what you can prove.

Digital Forensics from certified professionals

Every investigation involves digital evidence of some form

In the Digital Forensic Methodology, examiners are trained to NOT alter the data from it's original form when it was captured or seized. To do this, we create a "copy" or Image of the data from which to work and conduct our analysis, thus preserving the original data in it's original form. Whether you have a security incident at your company or a human resources matter with a current or former employee that you feel may be an issue requiring subsequent investigation, we have the necessary tools to capture the data in its most recently preserved form, create the forensic Image, and preserve the data for later use.

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The forensic examination of digital devices involves the capture, preservation, and analysis of the information stored on the devices which have become part of our everyday lives. Proper forensic examination results in the identification of information that is relevant to our clients. Our results meet the standards required to be admissible as evidence in criminal or civil proceedings.

We are trained to locate data on digital devices. If you are looking for evidence on device, and you believe it has been destroyed, in most cases we can recover a majority of the evidence.