Financial Institutions

The financial services sector is THE target for cyber-criminals.

Cyber-attacks are taking place on a daily basis, and most financial services organizations (if not all) will have been targeted at some point, by malicious third parties anxious to gain access to customer or transaction data, sensitive financial information or for confidential details on a specific institution’s strategy.

And of course the financial sector is the most heavily regulated when it comes to consumer technology. From the Right to Financial Privacy Act, Patriot Act, GLBA to PCI-DSS the regulations and standards are endless, and the risk is increasing. On top of everthing, financial institutions are increasingly becoming the targets of nation-states.

It’s clear that the threat to financial services organizations is one which isn’t going to fade in the near future, and that the chief risk and security officers face a significant task in combating the threat.

Let Us Help You Stay Safe and Compliant

Get the assurance you, your stakeholders and the regulators need.

Even when you outsource your technology mechanisms, you do not tranfer the risk. Increasingly, third-parties are becoming large targets for cyber-criminals. You must build in security and responsibility, as well as, assign liability to the organizations you contract with. We can help you understand the risks that the third-parties pose and develop mitigation strategies to protect you.

Compliance is not the end-state of security, but it is necessary to avoid civil and governmental sactioned penalties. At Sentinel we can conduct a compliance review for all of your applicable regulatory requirements and standards and provide you a roadmap for any gaps we may find. We can also help you devise a security plan that will ensure continued compliance after the engagement has ended.

At Sentinel we have extensive experience in conducting technology security reviews. From external penetration testing to vulnerability scanning we can provide you quality reports to use as evidence of compliance to your stakeholders and bank examiners. With our quarterly services we can baseline then track remediation efforts to ensure your technology environment remains secure and compliant.