Disaster Recovery Planning

Don't wait until the worst happens.

Disaster Recovery Planning made easier

A disaster can occur at any time. Be as prepared as feasible.

Disasters of all kinds visit organziations. Of course the primary concern when a disaster happens is the safety and well-being of our family, friends, and colleagues. However, there is also a crucial component in getting operations back to normal. Without a well defined plan, this can be extremely challenging. Sentinel can help your organization get prepared for the worst, with the hope that it never happens.

Our methodology includes identifying critical systems, personnel and vendors to ensure that business can be up and running as quickly as possible. After we draft the plan we will devise several scenarios to test and refine the plan.

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Business Impact Analysis: In order to fully plan for an outage, you must understand how your systems affect your business both financially and operationally. Which systems need to be brought online first and the recovery time objective are just a couple of questions you must answer. Combined with our system classification methodology we can help you conduct your impact analysis and start you downt the road of recovering planning.

Redundacy: Every event that takes your systems down can potentially be catasrophic. However, events such as localized power outage and server failure can be overcome with proper protections in place. We can assess your physical environment and give you recommendations to mitigate most of the events you will face.

Disaster Recovery Testing: Assurance works off of one simple question; How do you know? While you may think your IT staff is prepared and ready to recover from most events, we can give you the assurance. We will assess your data backup procedure, along with vendor contracts to ensure equipment can be placed on-site in a reasonable time frame.