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Welcome to Sentinel Defense Security Peace of Mind

Are you compliant with today's regulatory requirements? Are you secure in today's botnet driven internet? If you answered "Yes", ask yourself..."How do I know?"

The largest threat in the world is one we do not see. It happens every second of every day and without your knowledge. Our goal is to give you the information and knowledge so that you and your teams can defend your technology environment. With our structured approach, we can design an information security program that best fits your industry and your organization.

We Consult & We Train

At Sentinel, our goal is to not only consult with you and your team, but to give you the tools you need long after the engagement is over.

Serving and Defending is our only Mission

  • Highly reactive incident response
  • Real world on-site training
  • Advanced investigative techniques
  • Layered contingency planing
  • Industry specific assessments
  • Affordable, quality service

We Are Dedicated To Our Community

We thrive on ensuring our clients get the help they need and the assurance they deserve


There is no doubt about it. At Sentinel, we have a deep passion for cybersecurity. We also have a deep passion for helping those that may not have the resources and/or knowledge to defend against an ever-growing threat of cybercrime. Most importantly, we love Central Texas and the industries and people that call it home. We are steadfast in these commitments.


Regardless of the size of the organization, we can design a cybersecurity program that fits. We reconginize that one-size does not fit all. We will assess your environment in the scope of your objectives and industry and give real-world, affordable recommendations. In short, we will recommend for you what makes sense.

We serve and defend those that serve and defend others.
We are committed to you and those you serve.
Control the threats inside your sphere of influence. Block the rest in your firewall.
We are always looking for ways to expand our service offerings. If you have a product or service that you believe would be a good fit (and vice-versa) contact us.

Advice is always free

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About Us

We are proud to be the only full-service CyberSecurity firm focused on mid-size organizations. Serving the State of Texas, we provide quality services and solutions that best fit your needs. We are also proud to be one of the few CyberSecurity firms licensed by the State of Texas. Texas DPS License Number: A01070401